How to Write an Unconventional Wedding Vow that Captures Your Unique Love Story

Getting married is one of the most special moments in a couple’s life. It is a beautiful occasion to express your love and commitment to one another. Writing your own wedding vows is one of the most meaningful ways to express your love and commitment to your partner. Writing unconventional wedding vows can be a great way to capture your unique love story and make your wedding day even more special.

In this blog post, we will discuss how to write unconventional wedding vows that capture your unique love story. We will provide tips and advice on how to craft your own vows, what to include, and how to make them meaningful and special. We will also provide some examples of unconventional wedding vows for inspiration.

What are Unconventional Wedding Vows?

Unconventional wedding vows are wedding vows that are not traditional or standard. They are written in a unique and personal way to capture the couple’s unique love story. Unconventional wedding vows can be funny, romantic, or heartfelt. They can be written in a variety of styles, such as poetry, prose, or even rap.

What to Include in Unconventional Wedding Vows

When writing unconventional wedding vows, it is important to include elements that are meaningful to you and your partner. Here are some ideas of what to include in your vows:

How you met and fell in love
• Your favorite memories together
• What makes your relationship unique
• Your commitment to each other
• Promises of what you will do for each other
• References to inside jokes
• A meaningful quote or poem

Tips for Writing Unconventional Wedding Vows

Writing unconventional wedding vows can be a daunting task, especially if you’re not a natural wordsmith. Here are some tips to help make the process easier:

• Brainstorm: Take some time to brainstorm ideas for your vows. Think about your relationship and what makes it unique. Jot down any ideas that come to mind.

• Write it out: Once you have some ideas, start writing them out. Don’t worry about grammar or spelling at this stage, just get your thoughts down on paper.

• Get creative: When writing your vows, don’t be afraid to get creative. You can write them in the form of a poem, rap, or story.

• Keep it simple: Unconventional wedding vows don’t have to be complicated or long. Keep your vows concise and to the point.

• Practice: Once you have written your vows, practice saying them out loud. This will help you get comfortable with them and make sure you don’t forget anything on the big day.

Examples of Unconventional Wedding Vows

Here are some examples of unconventional wedding vows to give you some inspiration for your own:

• “I promise to always make you laugh, even when you don’t want to. I will love you unconditionally, even when you’re being unreasonable. I promise to never take you for granted, and to always appreciate you for who you are.”

• “I promise to be your biggest fan, to always have your back, and to be your rock when times are tough. I will always be there to listen, to hold your hand, and to be your shoulder to cry on. I will always strive to be the best version of myself, for you and for us.”

• “I promise to never forget the moment we met, and to always cherish the memories we make together. I promise to always be honest and open with you, and to never go to bed angry. I promise to be your partner in crime and your best friend, no matter what life throws at us.”


Writing unconventional wedding vows can be a great way to capture your unique love story and make your wedding day even more special. With some thoughtful planning and creativity, you can craft your own meaningful and heartfelt vows that will make your wedding day even more special. We hope this blog post has provided you with some helpful tips and inspiration for writing your own unconventional wedding vows.

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