From “I do” to “I will”: what your Christian wedding vows mean

When you say “I do” at your Christian wedding, you’re not just making a commitment to your spouse. You’re also making a commitment to God.

Your wedding vows are a way of declaring your love for God and your intention to follow His will for your life. By promising to love and honor your spouse, you’re also promising to love and honor God.

When you say “I will” in your wedding vows, you’re making a commitment to God to obey His commands and to live your life according to His will. You’re also promising to be faithful to your spouse, and to cherish and protect your marriage.

Your wedding vows are a sacred promise to God, and they should be treated as such. Take time to pray about your vows and ask God to help you keep them.

May your marriage be a beautiful reflection of God’s love for us all.

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