10 Ideas for Writing Romantic Wedding Vows

When it comes to writing your wedding vows, the sky’s the limit. But if you’re stuck on what to say, here are ten ideas to help get you started.

1. I promise to love you unconditionally, through the good times and the bad. I will always be there for you, no matter what.

2. I vow to always be honest with you, and to never keep secrets from you. I will always be open and honest with my feelings for you.

3. I promise to always be your best friend, and to always be there for you when you need me.

4. I vow to always be patient with you, and to never lose my temper with you. I will always try to understand you, even when you’re feeling frustrated or angry.

5. I promise to never take you for granted, and to always be grateful for your presence in my life.

6. I vow to always be supportive of you, and to never put myself first. I will always be there for you, whether you need a shoulder to cry on or someone to celebrate with.

7. I promise to never give up on you, and to always believe in you. I will always be your biggest fan, and will always be there to encourage you.

8. I vow to never take advantage of you, and to always be respectful of your needs and feelings. I will always treat you with the love and care that you deserve.

9. I promise to never stop trying to make our relationship better, and to always work hard to keep the spark alive. I will always be willing to put in the effort to make our relationship the best it can be.

10. I vow to always love you, no matter what happens in our lives. I will always be there for you, through thick and thin.

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