How to Write Wedding Vows

The perfect tips to writing your wedding vows

Wedding vows are just plain thoughts and beliefs about the wedding and also about your loved one. It is mainly an understanding that you have of your would-be better half, and how would you be able to translate your life. However, in most circumstances, writing wedding vows on your own can be very intimidating. Since the wedding vows are mainly taken in order to cherish, as well as put forward a motion on the preservation of marriage, most of the people are not willing to write their own. Committing to one’s love is not something that people will be able to carry around in a placard; hence, the wedding ceremony is the perfect place in which they would be able to undertake an exchange of vows. However, since most of the wedding vows of personal, it should actually reflect the personality of your fiancé, and also the feelings that you have for each other.

There are many people that glean the information of how to write wedding vows from over the Internet. Most of them just copy the common wedding vows, ensuring that those attending the wedding ceremony would only be hearing some mundane, repetitive wedding vows. However, writing your own wedding vows is not something that is extremely difficult. Instead, the entire task is very easy, and does not have to undergo a lot of strain on you.

Tips on how to write wedding vows

  1. Firstly, when writing wedding vows, it is very important for you to maintain the length. If you happen to be writing wedding vows for your own ceremony, then try and keep it short and simple. Going on and on about the expression of love that you have for each other is not something that you would want to do in the wedding. People get impatient, and lose their concentration, thereby making them feel that they have wasted a lot of time attending that ceremony.
  2. When writing wedding vows, always write it, keeping in mind the varied audience that you shall meet in the wedding. There is no guarantee that most of the people in your wedding would be Oxford graduates, so write in a language that can actually be comprehensive to people of all ages, irrespective of the education.
  3. When writing wedding vows, always reflect upon your own persona. Make sure that you can actually include a lot of feelings that you have for your fiancé, and make sure that it is very clear and concise. It takes a lot of courage for people to write wedding vows. Do not try and mess it up with including things that may not be common to either of you.
  4. There is also another classification that needs to be understood for wedding vows. Firstly, you have the traditional wedding vows. There would not be the mention of any religious presence in the wedding vows, and only the promise of love to the spouse of the future will be mentioned. Secondly, you have the non-traditional wedding vows that are entirely not dependent upon any religious figures, but only focus upon the creativity, as well as the relationship between the two of you. Thirdly, you have the religious vows, where a lifelong promises to stick together; taking into account the blessings of the religious figures should be mentioned. Now, you can opt for either of the three mentioned above to be incorporated in your wedding vows.
  5. It is not necessary for your wedding vows to become extremely sentimental or become borderline serious. In order to spice up your wedding vows, it can actually be extremely fun, or it can be something of a great passion.
  6. When you start writing your own wedding vows, always make sure that you have a rough draft done at the very beginning. You need to search for wedding vows over the Internet, so that it can be used as a guideline for your writing needs. If need be, purchase a new handbook just for the sake of maintaining a rough draft, and get together ideas that can be put into the wedding vows.
  7. After you have finished writing the rough draft, all you need to do is to look for any corrections. You can also read out the rough draft in front of the mirror, or by yourself, and witness if it is awe-inspiring, or it is just the same old wedding vows. If you feel that sentences need to be shortened, new references need to be added, then you need to make it incorporated within your own wedding vows. This is sometimes much easier than it seems, and there is no need for you to memorise anything.
  8. If you feel that writing your own wedding vows is proving to be problematic, then you need to consult before you start writing. There is absolutely no point in you having to spend a lot of time and effort going through various Internet websites and seek out the best wedding vows. You need to be original, and maintain a decent enough word count, that can be effective in administering your love for the other half.
  9. If the wedding vows are a bit too personal, then you need to dumb it down a bit. You need to make sure that you do not mention any sort of sensitive details, rather keep everything can find it to yourself. You can mention a lot of other events, but nothing way too personal.
  10. In case of finalisation, you can actually go for agreements that can take place with your partner in regards to the contents of the wedding vows. If everything about the wedding is decided by your better half, ask him or her for suggestions.
  11. Always try and recall the moments in the past where the two of you were present. Any other remembrance that you need to do should be done prior to setting up the wedding vows.

The wedding vows are truly a necessity in today’s life, and most people have gone for such a wedding vow that can blow away the mind of people.

How to write the  Best Wedding Vows

A wedding is the most prized event of one’s life where not just two people but rather two souls come together and become one forever till death to them apart. This reminds me of one of the very touching wedding vows and it says- We shall be together till death does us apart. Sounds intimate right? Yes these indeed are very touching. Weddings in New Zealand are ones to remember and it goes without saying that so are the Wedding Vows in NZ. Marriages are considered as a gift of Jesus and blessing from the Lord and it is also the union of two families and not just the couples who are entering into a wedding. Let us first see what wedding vows actually mean, post which we will look at some of the best wedding vows.

Let us explain in context of New Zealand only. Wedding vows in New Zealand are nothing but the promises the spouses make to each other at the time of marriage in front of the priest and the Lord. These vows are sacred and are expected not to be broken by both the bride and the groom. These vows become sacred since the witness is the Lord himself. Wedding vows NZ thus is a thing each spouse expects from the other. On the basis of these vows one can go onto build the foundation of love and sex in life. It is sort of a assurance that each spouse gives to the other that they are entering into the sacred event of marriage with their own free will and under no coercion.

Wedding vows in New Zealand are popular since times immemorial probably from the time the human race exists may be the form and mannerism could be different but the basic ideology was constant throughout. Isn’t it a nice feeling to listen words of assurance from your love at the time of marriage and that too at such a pious and sacred place of Lord and right in front of the holy priest? Yes it surely is and what can be better if your spouse can design for you one of the best wedding vows that not only pleases you but also pleases the guests who have arrived for the function. What is said in a vow is noted and taken very seriously. Here one can also say about other members of the family and not just the spouse. It is an opportunity to publicly give a vent to your love for the spouse and other related people in his or her life.

Thus we see that a sacred ceremony like marriage is made more sacred by these vows. It is said that marriages are made in heaven but celebrated here and what better way to celebrate than with a vow that assures your spouse about your love for him or her. The cultures may evolve and grow but this basic thing of vows will remain forever.